Meaning and definition of political theory

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Meaning of Political Theory/What is Political Theory?

Political theory is a set of conclusions based on political events, facts and observations.  These conclusions are related to each other and on the basis of these similar facts or events can be explained or predicted.  In the context of new events and facts, the above conclusions and achievements are corrected or amended.  Facts based on experience can be verified and transmitted or transmitted to other persons.  Thus political theories are a set of conclusions from politics.

The word theory is derived from the Greek language Theoria, which means a mental vision that reveals the existence of an object and its causes.  According to Karl Papper Key, theory is a kind of web in which the world can be understood.  It is a mental state that presents the existence of an object and its causes.

In the present time, the term political theory is used in a wide sense.  Political theory is a theory related to politics or its subject.  It is the science of politics, its philosophy and also its history.  In its literal form, it is made up of two words, politics and theory.

definition of political theory

According to the Political Science Dictionary, “Political theory is the evaluation of political events, the set of ideas that explain and predict them.”

David Held has written in his book 'Political Theory Today' that, "Political theory is a bundle of concepts and general theory about political life. In which we study the main features of government, state and society, related ideas, beliefs and statement to their nature and purpose and the political power of human beings.

According to Andrew Hacker, “Political theory is a search for a good state and a good society without any bias on the one hand and a unbiased knowledge of political and social realities on the other.”

According to John Plementz, “Political theory is the systematic consideration of the objectives of the government along with the explanation of the functions of the government”.

According to Nedel, “Theory means presumptive plan of logical framework or framework.”

According to George Catlin, “Political theory is a mixture of both political science and political philosophy, focusing on the process of controlling the various forms of social life as a whole.

According to George Sabine, “Political theory broadly refers to all that is concerned with politics and in a narrow sense it is concerned with the systematic investigation of political problems.”

 Gould and Kolb define political theory as, "Political theory is a sub-field of political science, which includes the following--

 1. Political Philosophy – A Moral Theory of Politics and a Historical Study of Political Thought

 2. a scientific criterion,

 3. Linguistic analysis of political ideas,

 4. The discovery and systematic development of generalizations about political practice.

On the basis of the above definitions of political theory, we can conclude that political theory is mainly the study of the state from the philosophical and practical point of view.  Theories are not only concerned with the explanation, description and determination of the state and political institutions but also with the evaluation of its moral objectives.  They are concerned not only with the study of what the state is like, but also what the state should be like.

According to one author, “Political theory can be seen as an activity that asks questions relating to the public and community life of the individual, seeks possible answers and formulates hypothetical alternatives. In his long history it has been searching for answers to such questions like what is the nature and purpose of the state? Why is one state superior to another? What is the purpose of political organizations? What are the criteria for these objectives? What is the relationship between the state and the individual? Etcetera.  Political thinkers from Plato to the present day have been searching for answers to these questions because with these answers one's fate is inextricably linked.  From the very beginning, theories have been engaged in the search of rules on the basis of which individuals can develop such a political community in which both the ruler and the ruled are motivated by the spirit of common interest.  It is not necessary that political theories should be successful in finding a definite and final solution to all political questions, but they can certainly give us a right direction for the solution of those questions.

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