importance/utility of politicali theory

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importance or utility of political theory

significance and utility of political theory;When we talk about principles of politics, one of the foremost thoughts that come to mind of what Eugene J. Maheen, who has clearly propositioned the importance of politics, said, “In our ideal model, principles are tools of progress or an artistic vision of creativity. You must understand those good principles enhance the beauty and are the core of fertile, suggestive, simple, productive, and satisfactory nature.” By applying the principles of politics, we can create an ideal society. Hence, utilizing them in every sphere of life makes you understand their importance. If you want to know about the importance of the principles of politics, they could be described in the following way--

1. Easier to understand the changes in society

Man, lives in a progressive society wherein changes occur every day. Changes in society are often impacted by the political, economic, and even cultural influences that occur from time to time. History had witnessed several times when the existing social orders weren’t evolving with the changes in society. There has been a rebellion and protest against the system. One of the examples is the French revolution in 1789, and one of the greatest philosophers in the world, Karl Marx, believed that principles of politics were one of the forms of an ideology. Using this thought process, he said that when there is a formation of a new societal system (essentially no divisions of class in society and having no king’s rule), there will be no need for such principles at all. According to the unique ideological concept, Marx envisioned no divisions in society without the king’s rule. However, he was wrong to say that there would be no point in theorizing those principles after establishing societal order.

2. Benefits of using principles of politics for politicians, citizens, and administrators

While observing the current political scenario, one can understand the various forms of politics that manifest quickly and make decisions about it. Dr. Shamlal Verma has written that those in power may fake it or egoistically deny that they don’t follow the principles of politics and are able to perform their tasks successfully. However, they actually would be using one or the other principle without even acknowledging it.

3. Knowing the current trends

With the help of the principle of politics, one can know the ground reality. The principles of politics follow a scientific base. The subject matter in them will enable a harmonious and uniformity that will enable progress. For this process to happen, the level of discipline has to be exceptionally high to understand incidents and facts better.

4. Helps in resolving issues

The importance of the principles of politics is associated with the resolution of political issues. A political thinker will deeply analyze the political situations and then provide solutions and suggestions for the same. People, or you can say the entire system, will then be able to gain from those thought processes. Therefore, principles of politics are of great relevance in resolving issues.

5. Enables scientific explanation

The principles of politics enable us to understand facts in a scientific manner. These principles enable us to bring commonality and base it on that and make the political issues more scientific. This will enable to search for new areas and principles according to the rules. Only political analysts and politicians are the people who will be able to comment on future incidents and the aftermath.

6. essential for the progress of human society

Political theories are helpful in the political, constitutional and legal progress of human society.  Through these, knowledge of new facts and predictions regarding the upcoming problem are helped.  Political theories are more useful in the present scientific age.

7. Helpful in future planning

 The purpose of political theory is not only to critique the present situation, but also to set a plan for the future, so that a better future can be created.  For example, in his first and important idealistic work 'The Republic' by Plato, along with justice, education and communist principles, many principles have been propounded for the concept of ideal state.  Similarly, various principles have been propounded by positive liberal thinkers in establishing a public welfare state for a rightful society.

8. Justify

Political theories do the work of justifying various actions in the political field.  Principles play the role of a very important tool in providing justification to the system and rulers in the eyes of the people.  Special classes often take the help of this tool to maintain their superiority.

9. Development of new concepts

 Circumstances are not the same at all times.  Every political thinker presents new concepts keeping in mind the circumstances of his time.  After the medieval era, intellectual awakening, religious reform movement and industrial revolution brought liberalism to the fore and the concept of individual liberty was born, similarly socialist and Marxist theory emerged in opposition to traditional liberal theory and the concept of economic equality developed.  Therefore, it can be said that political principles prove helpful in establishing new human values in changing circumstances.

10. Maintaining Discipline

The integration of political science, division of research etc. depends on political theory because it helps in maintaining discipline in practice.

11. Balancing Role

Political theories do a good job of establishing a balance between events and human values.  Political theories have to bring changes in their nature only to establish a balance between events and human values.

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